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User Accounts


How do I log in to my !Change It account?

I can't remember my username or password?

I want to change my password.

Can you send me a copy of my password without resetting it?

Can I alter the email address connected to my account?

My email address or my !Change It account has been compromised. What should I do?

I used someone else's email address to sign up for !Change It. Should I change it?

I have setup two accounts. Is it possible to merge them?

How do I change my user picture or create an avatar?


Registering a New account


Why do I need to enter my postcode?

What do I do if I have the choice of two or more constituencies?

What can I use for a Display Name?

What can I use for a password?

What is the captcha test for?

Can I alter the details after I have registered?

I entered in the wrong details how can I amend them?

I haven't received the activation email. What do I do?


Starting a Campaign


I can't login to make a new campaign?

Why do I only have 200 characters for the concern / solution text?

Why do I only have 50 characters for the title?

What if the category I want is not listed?

What if I want to use more than one category?

Is it possible for me to suggest a category?

What if I want to alter my campaign before it goes on to the website?

What does the back button do when Starting a Campaign?

Can I alter my campaign after submitting?

Why can't I alter my campaign after 10 people have supported it?


Supporting a Campaign


Who can support a campaign?

What is the purpose of supporting a campaign?

What happens if I "Report a campaign"?


Opposing a campaign


What is the purpose of Opposing a campaign?


Discussing a Campaign


What is the purpose of commenting on a campaign?

How long can you comment on a campaign?

Why do I need to enter so much information when I register?