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Stop cars using Lindisfarne causeway at high tide


Concern: Motorists trying to cross the causeway during times when it is not safe to cross. Drivers have become stranded a remarkable 15 times so far in 2011, and almost 180 times since 2000.


Solution: Traffic Lights monitored by ANPR camera. £1000 fine for attempting to cross at 'unsafe' times. LED sign giving next safe crossing time or saying 'safe to cross' when crossing open.


Total support: 25  Total opposition: 8


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Top constituency opposition

  1. City of Durham - 2 supporters
  2. Epping Forest - 1 supporter
  3. Kenilworth and Southam - 1 supporter
  4. Dulwich and West Norwood - 1 supporter
  5. - 1 supporter
  6. Berwick-upon-Tweed - 1 supporter
  7. Chipping Barnet - 1 supporter



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