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Modernise Parliamentary voting now!


Concern: Currently MPs and Lords must be in the Houses of Parliament to vote, wasting huge amounts of money and reducing the time MPs can spend with their constituents


Solution: Modernise Parliament by introducing secure electronic voting for MPs and Lords, saving time, cutting travel costs and allowing the public to scrutinise their representatives much more easily.


Total support: 68  Total opposition: 18


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Top constituency opposition

  1. Kingston and Surbiton - 2 supporters
  2. City of Durham - 1 supporter
  3. Newcastle upon Tyne East - 1 supporter
  4. Isle of Wight - 1 supporter
  5. Ribble Valley - 1 supporter
  6. Cities of London and Westminster - 1 supporter
  7. Houghton and Sunderland South - 1 supporter
  8. Sedgefield - 1 supporter
  9. Stockton South - 1 supporter
  10. Warwick and Leamington - 1 supporter



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