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Fracking Hell


Concern: The largest deposit of shale gas in the world has been found beneath Lancashire. Its exploitation will reduce the price of UK gas resulting in more gas power stations and less use of renewables.


Solution: The government must make a commitment to regulate extraction such that we remain able to meet our legally binding UK Carbon reduction targets.


Total support: 29  Total opposition: 9


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Top constituency opposition

  1. Montgomeryshire - 2 supporters
  2. Stockton South - 1 supporter
  3. Fylde - 1 supporter
  4. Battersea - 1 supporter
  5. Gateshead - 1 supporter
  6. Ogmore - 1 supporter
  7. South West Wiltshire - 1 supporter
  8. Houghton and Sunderland South - 1 supporter



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