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Essential services should not be in private sector


Concern: Essential day-to-day services really should be provided by the Public sector and not by the private sector, from elderly care homes & the NHS, to the basics of gas, electric and water.


Solution: It feels wrong that people are making profit out of the distribution of water. What do you think about the proposed takeover of Northumbrian Water for £2.4bn by Hong Kong's Cheung Kong Infrastructure?


Total support: 32  Total opposition: 1


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Top constituency support

  1. City of Durham - 8 supporters
  2. Blaydon - 3 supporters
  3. Gateshead - 2 supporters
  4. Epping Forest - 1 supporter
  5. Southampton, Test - 1 supporter
  6. Stockton North - 1 supporter
  7. Neath - 1 supporter
  8. Washington and Sunderland West - 1 supporter
  9. Clwyd South - 1 supporter
  10. Dulwich and West Norwood - 1 supporter



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