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Save Formula 1 on the BBC


Concern: F1 being given to Sky Sports while BBC only gets to show a few races and nothing else. I don't like F1 being tarnished by the Murdoch Empire. I'll stop watching as I won't get SKY!


Solution: Let the BBC show all races the same as Sky. Let them both show it at the same time it remain free to watch! How do the F1 sponsors feel? let them know directly like we did with NoTW it worked


Total support: 58  Total opposition: 7


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Top constituency support

  1. City of Durham - 4 supporters
  2. Washington and Sunderland West - 2 supporters
  3. Stourbridge - 2 supporters
  4. Maldon - 1 supporter
  5. Leigh - 1 supporter
  6. Gainsborough - 1 supporter
  7. Nottingham North - 1 supporter
  8. West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine - 1 supporter
  9. Slough - 1 supporter
  10. Birmingham, Northfield - 1 supporter



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