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No to Purple Haze mining site Verwood in Dorset


Concern: A proposed gravel and sand mining site covering 700,000 square metres of beautiful country park in Dorset, very close to residential area in Verwood and nearby nature spots.


Solution: Stop the proposed Purple Haze mining site. Purple Haze will have a significant and detrimental impact on Verwood residents and the people visiting Moors Valley Country Park and forest and Ringwood Forest.


Total support: 6  Total opposition: 7


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Top constituency support

  1. North Cornwall - 1 supporter
  2. Christchurch - 1 supporter
  3. Bournemouth East - 1 supporter
  4. City of Durham - 1 supporter
  5. Bristol North West - 1 supporter
  6. Blaydon - 1 supporter



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