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Re-nationalise the railway and railway maintenance


Concern: Un-affordable cost of rail travel for the public. Affordable tickets too much of a lottery and railways not being properly subsidised by the nation. Too much being taken out in franchisee profit


Solution: Re-nationalise and fully properly subsidise the railways, re-integrate maintenance and train companies into British Rail and end the present farcical, variable fares policy.


Total support: 13  Total opposition: 1


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Top constituency support

  1. City of Durham - 3 supporters
  2. Blaydon - 2 supporters
  3. Holborn and St. Pancras - 1 supporter
  4. Newcastle upon Tyne East - 1 supporter
  5. Gateshead - 1 supporter
  6. South West Surrey - 1 supporter
  7. Edinburgh East - 1 supporter
  8. Leicester West - 1 supporter
  9. Dulwich and West Norwood - 1 supporter
  10. North Somerset - 1 supporter



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