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Make it illegal to sell shark fin soup in the uk


Concern: Millions of sharks are slaughtered every year a practice known as shark fining were fishermen catch sharks then take off its fins whilst it’s still alive before throwing the body back in the sea.


Solution: Ban the sale of shark fin soup and shark fins in the UK and impose large fines for anybody who continues. We need to stop the slaughter of so many sharks which are important to the sea ecosystem.


Total support: 13 


Top constituency support

  1. City of Durham - 4 supporters
  2. Blaydon - 2 supporters
  3. Stockton North - 1 supporter
  4. Cities of London and Westminster - 1 supporter
  5. Dulwich and West Norwood - 1 supporter
  6. North West Durham - 1 supporter
  7. Basingstoke - 1 supporter
  8. South Northamptonshire - 1 supporter
  9. Newark - 1 supporter



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