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Let every MP vote in Parliament be a free vote


Concern: MPs are made to follow the political party when voting, dictated to by the party leader. One man controlling the vote isn't how democracy works and does not represent the people who voted for the MPs!


Solution: Ensure every MP vote is a free vote to ensure we have a working democracy that reflects the voters of the UK who voted them in to power. The whip system should be abolished by all political parties.


Total support: 20  Total opposition: 3


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Top constituency support

  1. City of Durham - 3 supporters
  2. Blaydon - 2 supporters
  3. North Somerset - 1 supporter
  4. Ribble Valley - 1 supporter
  5. Plymouth, Moor View - 1 supporter
  6. Greenwich and Woolwich - 1 supporter
  7. Neath - 1 supporter
  8. Gateshead - 1 supporter
  9. Holborn and St. Pancras - 1 supporter
  10. Derby North - 1 supporter



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